Electronic Semi Automatic Tripod Turnstiles TS 1000/2000 Series

Semi Automatic Tripod Turnstile

BISO TS Series Tripod Turnstiles are compact and cost-effective entrance solutions. Designed and developed for smooth and silent operation, reducing power consumption, wear and tear. It is suitable for areas with a high traffic.

The TS1000/2000 Series Semi Automatic Tripod Turnstiles are in stainless steel compact version, offer high operating reliability in a small single legged or two legged casework, ideal for sites where space is an issue.

Entrance Control Tripod Turnstiles

By receiving a signal from any third party access control system, or push button, The TS1000/2000 Series Semi Automatic Tripod Turnstile allows the entry of one person at a time. Entering into different directions is electronically controlled. The default mode is to lock the mechanism until a valid authorization signal is received.

If you want to set one side free, you can adjust the mechanism in TS2000 Series Semi Automatic Tripod Turnstile. In a case of emergency, the horizontal arm will drop to allow free passage.


BISO TS Series Tripod Turnstiles are available in three variants;

  • Manual Control
  • With RFID Reader
  • With Fingerprint & RFID Reader.

Also, These tripod turnstiles are able to communicate with Access Controller Panels.


Technical Hardware Features Features
Fingerprint/RFID: Yes Arm Length: 50cm Opening Signal Input: Yes Drop Arm Electromagnet Output: Yes
Protocol: Wiegand/RS485 Max tolerance of Arms: 80 Kg Emergency Switch Input: Yes SMPS - Input: AC 220V / 110V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Anti Passback: Yes Angle per rotation: 120 D Direction Indicator Output: Yes SMPS - output: DC +24V, 5A; +12V, 3A
Relay: 12 V relay Operation Type: Twoway-Bidirectional Passing Indicator Output: Yes Dimensions: L=520, W=280, H=980

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID Readers

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