Fingerprint Guard Patrol System PT100

Fingerprint Guard Patrol System PT100

PT 100 is a Fingerprint Guard Patrol Tour System with 1.44" color LCD display. PT 100 Guard Patrol Device helps ensure that the RIGHT employee makes his or her appointed rounds at the correct intervals and can offer a virtually indisputable record for legal or insurance concerns.

PT 100 Fingerprint Guard Patrol Portable device can be used for Security Guard Patrolling, Equipment Maintenance, Delivery Routes, Cleaning Service routes and Maintenance Routes etc.

Fingerprint Guard Patrol System PT100

PT 100 Guard Patrolling Device has Built-in 2000 mAh backup battery that helps to extends extra operation time. PT 100 Fingerprint Patrol device is IP65 rated that makes this specific device waterproof and dustproof protection grade. This gurad patrol handheld device has unique rubber coating that prevents user from electrical shock and this coating make this device brake free.

PT 100 Handheld Fingerprint Guard Patrol Device is with USB-Client communication to PC. This guard patrol device supports multiple authentications like Fingerprint and EM cards 125 Khz. Fingerprint tamplate capacity of PT 100 reader is 500, Card storage capacity is 1000 and transaction storage capacity is 30000 logs.

PT 100 Fingerprint Handheld Guard Patrol Terminal is specifically designed for off-site time management, such as construction sites, logistic industries, large farms, large farm houses and the mining industry.


Storage Capacity Access Control Communications Optional
Fingerprints:500 Wiegand:NA Communication:USB Client Battery:YES
Transactions:30000 Relay:NA Push data:NA Card Reader:Proximity
Cards:1000 Door Sensor:NA Standard Features:Work Code,ESS External Speaker output:NA
Passwords:NA Anti Passback:NA Support Reader:NA External Bulb output:NA

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