Smart Face Lock FL 1000 For Wooden Door

Smart Face Lock FL 1000 For Wooden Door

FL1000 is the world's first smart lock with embedded face recognition technology. It uses European standard mortise with 5 latches, the deadbolt will be locked automatically once the door is closed. It also has four unlocking ways - face, password, card, mechanical key.

FL1000 Smart Face Lock is loaded with the latest generation face recognition algorithm, which makes this smart lock much accurate. FL1000 Smart Face Lock is capable of differentiating between real face and photograph of a person that is a real key feature in securing your house.

Smart Face Lock FL 1000 For Wooden Door

FL1000 Smart Face Lock has a 3-inch capacitive touch screen which helps in easy and fast operations of menu icons and registering or de-registering of faces, proximity cards and passwords in the memory of smart face lock.

FL1000 Smart Face Lock is assembled with idle handle design to protect door lock. It has the smart alarm system for low battery & illegal operation. For data downloading and uploading a pre-installed USB port is also available. Also if in a case of battery failure we can draw back-up power from an external 9V battery.

FL1000 Smart Face Lock supports passage mode which is normally open. Also, we can generate a query of door open logs and illegal operation logs. Backset of FL1000 Smart Face Lock is 55 mm.


Storage Capacity Access Control Hardware Features
Faces:100 Door Thickness Standard: 35 to 50mm Material: Zinc Alloy/Stainless steel finish Battery:YES
Transactions:30000 Power input: 8 x AA Alkaline Battery Dimension (L x W xH): 327 x 74 x 58mm Card reader:YES (O)
Cards:1000 (O) Backup Unlock Mechanism: Emergency battery Backset: 55mm Communication: USB
Passwords:100 Backup Unlock Mechanism: Mechanical key Identification Speed: ≤ 1.5 sec FRR: ≤ 1%

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