UHF RFID Long Range Multi Port Reader BDRF-02

UHF RFID Long Range Multi Port Reader BDRF-02

BDRF-02 is multi port long range uhf rfid reader. It is available in 4 and 12 ports options, that means we can connect up to 4 or 12 UHF antennas to a single reader. Maximum distance between antenna and reader must be 10 meters.

Tag reading range of BDRF-02 is depend upon the capacity of uhf anetennas we connect to it, It we connect 12 dBI antenna then reading range of this reader is approximatly 10 - 12 meters. UHF antennas available capacities are 8 and 12 dBI.

UHF RFID Long Range Multi Port Reader BDRF-02

BDRF-02 work on 24 Volts DC power supply or as per requirement we can make it 12 Volts also. There is a no need of seperate power supply for antennas, Antennas can work on POE. For Commnucations BDRF-02 is having TCP/IP port and serial port.

Working protocol of BDRF-02 is EPC CLASS 1 GEN 2 and avilable standards are ISO 18000-6B and ISO 18000-6C. Working frequency of BDRF-02 is 865-867 (mHZ). Operating system of this reader is Linux. For the developers .NET SDK (Communication Protocol) is also available.

Antenna used with BDRF-02 are IP65 rated that makes this device dustproof and waterproof and best for outdoor use even in heavy rains and dust. BDRF-02 Multi Port UHF RFID Long Range is aprooved by government of INDIA WPC hence it is usable in all goverment installations. This is a OEM product of BISO Developments.


Protocol Antenna Memory Communication
Protocol:EPC GEN 2 Mono-Static / Circular DRAM Memory:64 MB Communication:TCP/IP
IP Rationg:IP 65 External Antenna Optional Flash Memory:32 MB Push data:YES
Certification:WPC/ETA Data Control:10/100 Base-T TAG Read Rate:150Tags/M Serial Port:YES
ISO:18000-6C TAG Buffer:55000 TAG Read Distance:8-15M Optional Comm:WIFI,GPRS

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